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27 Dec 2005 Conference DVDs from that event here - Name your own price! of interest to potential tourists at Roswell's annual July 4th UFO Festival.
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Most have heard of the Roswell UFO Crash. But do you really know what happened? On July 8, 1947 one of the most fateful decisions of the 20th Century was made by .... In mid-2008, his book The Rise of the Fourth Reich, detailing the
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Roswell UFO crash of July 1947 as never told before, by a resident using Today, Aztec has a budding UFO tourism industry - and even UFO Conference - that rivals Roswell's ..... "That gave us from the 4th to the 8th, enough time to.
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Roswell UFO Festival, July 1-4, 2010... ASPE Annual Conference , Angel Fire, NM Sept 10-12, 2010...Phoenix AZ.MUFON, October 16, 2010.
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Now that the dust has settled on the 2007 Roswell UFO Convention , it is time to draw attention to events that happened July 4th , 2006. See video here.
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Watcher's David Flynn will be in Roswell NM this 4th of July , for the Ancient of Days UFO Conference . Also lecturing will be Michael Heiser,
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on aliens at the Roswell UFO conference , which was held this past July 4th weekend 2009 .... He served as conference coordinator for The City of Roswell
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Something crashed in a field in Roswell , New Mexico in July 1947. hired by the Sci-Fi Channel and appeared at a Washington UFO news conference in 2002.
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23 Apr 2008 Mike Bara to speak at 2008 Roswell UFO Conference .... Yes, I'm finally making the pilgrimage to Albuquerque this weekend (April 4th ,
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On July 8, the military returned Mac to the Roswell Daily Record, where a press conference was conducted. Oddly enough, Mac's story was somewhat different
30 Jun 2009 Ancient of Days 2009 Roswell UFO Conference July 4th to the 5th and the Shag Harbour UFO Festival August 14th to the 15th in Shag Harbour,
Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947 / Nazi UFOs & Operation Paperclip
Christian Symposium On Aliens Ancient of Days 2009 2009 Roswell UFO Conference Saturday July 4th , 2009 Lectures: 9:00am Joe Jordan, MUFON
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See the mystery and excitement for yourself this July 1-4, 2010! The City of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration on Monday at 11:45am at a press conference at the Roswell Convention Center!
Roswell UFO Festival July 1-4, 2010. Roswell , NM. Multiple Venues. Want info? ñ 22nd Annual Ozark UFO Conference April 9-11, 2010 completed
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The Roswell UFO Incident was the alleged recovery of extra-terrestrial debris, ..... Additionally, Brazel was said to have given his news conference on July 9, ..... while portions of the object ended up at a 4th of July rodeo.